Thursday, November 10, 2011

What's your book about?

Would you rather read a synopsis or watch a video? I thought so. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011


It is with absolute pleasure that I present to you, Joseph Peters et al! God, this is an amazing feeling. Feel free to order your copy through the PayPal link. Also, stay tuned for more updates (i.e. book signings). I am truly blessed. If I can do it, so can you!

Here's the synopsis:

Joseph Peters et al
Literary Fiction
64,000 words
by John W. Brown

Stacey Jones is an 18-year-old girl who, despite stellar academic achievements, ignores everyone’s expectations and forgoes attending college. Complaining of “scholastic fatigue,” she promises to obtain employment, avoid becoming a teen parent, and resume her studies in exactly 365 days. Believing that real-world experience will have a greater effect than their disapproving words, her parents (Carmen and Phillip) reluctantly respect her wishes.

In the months following graduation, Stacey primarily spends time with two friends: Nona and Tariq. Three years her senior, Nona dispenses “sisterly” advice and challenges Stacey to set realistic expectations. Tariq, her best friend since junior high school, exhibits empathy and compassion. Like Stacey, he has decided to postpone his academic pursuits. Facing paternal opposition, Tariq must decide whether the benefits of defiance outweigh the risk of being disinherited. Additionally, he desires to reconcile his sexual orientation and begin dating men.

In addition to managing the lives of her children and husband, Carmen functions as the confidant to her best friend, Roxanne. Further, she monitors the activities of her father, Joseph Peters (“Daddy J”). Somewhat cognizant of her limitations, she ignores convention and takes a one-week vacation – without her family - to Serenity Inn, where she encounters an unorthodox, non-conformist, eccentric woman. Returning home and reflecting on the experiences had while on vacation, Carmen is determined to rein-in her controlling tendencies. However, the receipt of unexpected news precipitates a much-needed emotional breakdown.

Joseph Peters is an 82-year-old man who is hell-bent on not relinquishing his independence and autonomy. A two-time widower, he maintains an active social life and functions with minimal assistance. His life progresses smoothly until his wives – in spirit form - insist that he vacate his home. Upon overcoming Carmen’s resistance and securing familial support, he begins the process of identifying viable housing options. Touring nursing homes and completing countless applications, Daddy J becomes less optimistic. Asked to decrease his level of involvement, he travels to St. Louis, Missouri and visits his sister, Martha.

Joseph Peters et al celebrates the life experiences of our elders and validates the struggles of the young. Through character analysis, the novel examines issues and emotions that are relevant to many persons, such as grief, loneliness, frustration, and fear. Further, it examines the strategies that people employ when attempting to ameliorate suffering. Finally, the novel promotes perseverance, hope, and love.