Monday, March 30, 2009

Brother in Massachusetts Attacks Three Sisters, Beheads One

A 23-year-old Haitian-American man in Milton, Massachusetts was shot dead after attacking his three younger sisters on March 28, 2009. After beheading his 5-year-old sister, -in the presence of a police officer- Kerby Revelus chased his wounded 9-year-old sister into a room and attacked her as his 17-year-old sister lay dead on the floor. Reports indicate Mr. Revelus had a tendency to react violently, as police had been called to the house in the past. This horrific event occurred one day after the family celebrated Bianca's fifth birthday.

Tragic events like these underscore the importance of minorities taking advantage of mental health services. Too often, we write off or normalize adverse behaviors by making passive remarks: "Oh, that's just the way Uncle So-and-So is," "Cousin Sue is a little touched," or "Only crazy people go to see the psychiatrist." We have to acknowledged that we are as susceptible to mental breakdowns as our Caucasian counterparts. Seeking help to cope with a mental illness or transient emotional distress does not make a person crazy. In my opinion, a crazy person does not work toward ameliorating existing stressors or take advantage of available resources. Be well and keep the Revelus family in your thoughts, meditations, and prayers.

Beheading in Milton, Massachusetts


Anonymous said...

This is just horrible. Mental illness? There's just something in me that doesn't get this. But probably because I see the world from another angle.

Whatever happens to someone that they find themselves in this place?

thegayte-keeper said...

I just saw the headline couldn't bring myself to read the article...