Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My life is not my own....and that's ok

Due to life circumstances, I have often been called upon to meet the needs of others. Looking back, I am amazed that I have achieved as much as I have given the many obstacles my family and I have experienced. Being an only child for seven years, I was pretty used to having everything for myself. Once my mother started bearing additional children, I struggled with key concepts, namely compromising and sharing. Like any child, I was accustomed to my parents providing me with all of my basic necessities. I enjoyed being engulfed by the cocoon of security. That all changed in the summer of 1992.

Once my father left, everything that I knew about life went out the window. Now, at 14, I was the coveted "man of the house." God it was draining. While my mother purused her education, I often cooked meals, bought clothing, assisted with homework, provided childcare, and beat ass when necessary (my favorite, just kidding). Despite all of the familial expectations, I was heavily involved in many high school activities and graduated near the top of my class, which isn't say too much when many of your classmates could care less about their education. I digress.

Fast-forward to today. Life is good, and it's getting better. My family still relies on me for financial and emotional support. In all fairness, I rely on them as well, just not as much. As an introspective person, I am very selfish with my time, especially if I'm writing or reading. Time has taught me that MY life does not belong to me. As I unlearn negative habits, God continues to guide, protect, and bless me. While I was not born to live a complete life of servitude, I serve many purposes in the lives of others. As I become less concerned with holding on to my resources, God provides me with gifts that cannot be quantified. As I dutifly enter into His presence every day, God soothes my soul and massages my mind. Oh, I'm about to shout right in this chair!

My point is this: Give of yourself. Be patient with people who may not be as established as you are presently. Let your life be a reflection of God's unconditional love and compassion. Forgive yourself and those who treat you unfairly. Share your experiences -good and bad- with others. Resolve conflicts as quickly as possible. Most importantly, remember that a synergistic relationship can exist between individual achievement and collective empowerment. May we all be blessed from this moment until infinity.


Mariposa said...

hey, stumbled upon your blog from Aaron's. Interesting and an inspiring read. Have a great 2009!

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Losojosnuevos said...

Thanks, Gayte-keeper and Mariposa. I wish you both a very wonderful 2009.

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kennyking78 said...

Hey, just stumbled onto your blog and I not only do I LOVE this post, but your insight on other topics is very refreshing to read.

I will definitely be adding you to my blog-list!

KB said...

good post man-the final portion is very profound. can i get get that on a tee-shirt ;-) just to remind myself! let every good thing pursue you and overtake you in 2009!